Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 10.

July 22, 2007:  Day 3 continues into Canada with this photo from Terry's camera approaching the Lethbridge Airport (CYQL) in Alberta.
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Here is the view ahead while on base leg for runway 23.  That road on the right is about 1.5 miles from the end of the runway.  I got a confirmation that the cameras sometimes got passed back and forth to get a picture of something on the "other side" of the airplane.  Don't let the camera position tell you which one of them was flying the plane at the time.  They usually swapped seats for every other flight segment.
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Wendell's camera has this shot of the final approach to runway 23.  The weather today is looking very good for this day's journey!  The Canadian Rocky Mountains are far in the distance with haze on the horizon. 
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This view of the airport property is seen on the right side of the airplane just before landing.  No pictures were taken of the 182 on the ramp parked at customs during the 40 minutes of ground time here at Lethbridge.  Canadian customs only received their flight plan from US flight service as they were arriving in the pattern to land.  The last GPS data point on arrival at the ramp was stamped at 9:02 AM Mountain Time.  The first data point on the ramp before departure was taken at 9:42 AM.  The customs office was in the building at the left side of the group of buildings.  After finishing their business there, the airplane was moved a few hundred feet to the FBO to puchase a few gallons of fuel.  It is a courtesy transaction that is appreciated along the way.
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Wendell took this picture at 9:49 AM just after departure from Lethbridge and looking back at the airport.  The Oldman River is at the bottom of the photograph.
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Wendell took this photo at 10:36 AM with Calgary, Alberta 16 miles in the distance to the northwest.
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Terry took this picture of the downtown buildings in the distance and the Canola fields near the airplane.
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Looking down at the Canola fields, you can see just how flat the land is in this part of the Canadian Great Plains.
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