Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 17.

July 23, 2007:  Day 4 continues with the arrival at Fort Nelson, British Columbia.  That is the village of Muskwa on this side of the river with the town in the distance.  The Prophet River joins the Muskwa River not far past the left side of this photo.  That is the Alaska Highway passing those plants with the chimneys and the bend in the river.
P1010090.JPG (142586 bytes)

Wendell took a similar photo with a wider field of view.  The time stamp on this photo is 11:00 AM Mountain Time.  As usual, he does not quite get the camera aligned with the horizon, but the subject matter is well covered.
100_0792.JPG (181040 bytes)

As for covering the details, this shot from Wendell reveals the railroad yards located here between the river and the Alaska Highway.  The Prophet River is still unseen behind a ridge line.  The river joins the Muskwa river just beyond that bridge crossing the river.
100_0793.JPG (156960 bytes)

This aerial photo from Google puts things in perspective from the photos above.   Notice the "eye altitude" is shown as 23,269 feet above sea level.   The railroad yards are in the center of the photo above the highway 97 marker superimposed over the actual aerial photo.  The green line is the GPS ground track of the Cessna 182 with Wendell and Terry winging their way to the Fort Nelson Airport.
AK_Muskwa_BC.jpg (103713 bytes)

Terry takes this shot of the town of Fort Nelson on the left side of the airplane as it is on approach to the airport runway.  That windshield reflection seen on page 16 is back again in this photo.
P1010091.JPG (174890 bytes)

And here is the approach as they turn toward the runway 03 at the Fort Nelson Airport.  A second runway 08/26 is also available.  You can see it crossing this runway to be used for the landing today.
100_0794.JPG (177659 bytes)

And to give you the "big picture" this last Google Earth shot of the Fort Nelson, BC area shows everything discussed and photographed above.  It also shows three different types of images used in the map of the Earth that is Google Earth.   The image is mostly a color aerial photo showing Fort Nelson and Muskwa, BC.   A black and white aerial photo shows the confluence of the Muskwa River and the Sikanni Chief River just east of the airport to become the Fort Nelson River flowing north.  It will eventually flow into the Laird River
AK_Fort_Nelson.jpg (117707 bytes)