Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 24.

July 23, 2007:  Day 4 continues following the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory.  This is the valley view Terry captured after flying 63 miles from the airport at Watson Lake.  British Columbia is ahead as we continue flying southwest at this point in the route.
P1010132.JPG (104668 bytes)

The highway is running near the ridges and right next to the river.  The occasional rest spot is provided to pull off the road.
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Here is a close fly-by of a mountain ridge when the air was calm - no wind.   Terry is in the pilot seat and Wendell is taking these shots.
100_0810.jpg (127448 bytes)

Wendell felt he could reach out and pick a clump of grass off the side of the ridge.  Terry's experience in Viet Nam with low-level chopper flying shows in this photo.  Only in calm wind conditions would he consider doing this kind of flying.
100_0811.jpg (170555 bytes)

The time stamps on this photo and the two above from Wendell's camera tells you just how fast the view out front can change.
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A light rain shower has dropped into the valley as they mush along toward Whitehorse, still many miles away to the north and west from here.
P1010135.JPG (133410 bytes)

As the rain begins to let up slightly, another river joins the route from the left side of the airplane.
P1010136.JPG (112296 bytes)

Before long, the visibility improves and they push on with a good view of the river and the highway, which is just out of this picture to the right.
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