Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 32.

July 24, 2007:  Day 5 continues north and west following the Alaska Highway.  At this point the highway has traveled over 1,100 miles from Dawson Creek and the zero mile post.  Here is the view looking west with the highway in the bottom of the photo.
P1010180.JPG (103790 bytes)

I am betting that Terry took this zoomed photo with Wendell's camera shortly after the photo above.  It shows more detail of the river coming down from the mountains to the west.
100_0831.JPG (120866 bytes)

As they flew up this valley, there were some minor elements to see in the land, including a few tracks made by the locals.
P1010181.JPG (146119 bytes)

Another rainbow greets them in this area.
P1010182.JPG (66751 bytes)

Before reaching the village of Koidern, this microwave relay station is clearly visible on the mountain southeast of the village.  This area is over 100 miles north of the airport seen at the bottom of the previous page.
100_0832.JPG (121037 bytes)

100_0832A.JPG (143152 bytes)

Terry pushed his zoom lens trying to get a better picture.  It provides more details, but is a bit blurred probably due to their speed as they passed by.
P1010183.JPG (87514 bytes)

And here it is, the last photo taken in Canada by Terry as they look north of the flight path at so many little lakes.
P1010184.JPG (104671 bytes)