Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 39.

July 24, 2007:  Day 5 continues with the guys facing some light rain as they head into the valley that has Anchorage ahead.  They are flying past Chickaloon, Alaska.  That is the Matanuska River ahead.  At this point, the highway stays close to river.
P1010219.JPG (124033 bytes)

This is Fish Lake near Chickaloon, Alaska.
P1010220.JPG (153050 bytes)

Palmer Municipal Airport is about five miles off to the left of their flight path.  Terry snapped this picture using his telephoto settings.
P1010221.JPG (193149 bytes)

And just so you know, a little rain shower pops up in this area.
P1010222.JPG (148751 bytes)

When your camera focuses on the rain drops on the windshield, use the side window and make the flyby at the correct angle to get a shot of the airport below.   This private residential airport is Wolf Lake and it has two runways, one paved, and one that is gravel.
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This view is cropped from the photo above without any compression.  Now you see why there are more pilots in Alaska per capita than anywhere else in the USA.
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There are plenty of airports in the Anchorage area.
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