Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 45.

July 26, 2007:  Day 7 - The flight to Kenai, Alaska for a salmon fishing trip.  The only things flying here are not airplanes.
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With just two photos from Terry's camera, we have established where everyone is sitting in the boat.  Ken has the bow, with Wendell in the number two spot.   Terry is just ahead of the "captain" of the boat, Bill.  He works with Ken at the Elmendorf Air National Guard base.
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Talk about a convenient motel!  This one is directly on the Kenai River.
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The family of the "captain" of the boat has a cabin at this point on the river bank.  They are sitting at their picnic tables and watching the activity on the river.
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There is plenty of boat traffic on the river.
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Wendell took this shot of the shoreline facilities along the way.
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Here is a closeup view from Terry's camera as they passed by the location shown in Wendell's photo above.
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These guys are catching clams.
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