Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 47.

July 26, 2007:  Day 7 - The flight to Kenai, Alaska for a salmon fishing trip.  "THE ROCK" made a good landmark going up and down the river.
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Would you believe someone actually put a line in the water?  Wendell?   I see it is your camera.  Is that your line?
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Going again...
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Not bad!  The real reason Terry got Wendell to pose for this shot - - to carry the fish to the car.
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Not a single picture was taken at the Kenai Airport.  Here is one of the Anchorage downtown area taken by Terry.
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Terry took this extreme telephoto image of Elmendorf AFB as seen looking north from 13 miles away by my best Google Earth analysis.
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This view is looking EAST along Abbot Road.  That is not an airport at the center of the photo.
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