Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 49.

July 27, 2007:  Day 8 - We are following Wendell's photos to the Iditerod Trail in Wasilla, Alaska.  He is traveling with friends who live in Palmer, Alaska for this day's outing.  I think it is appropriate that our 49th State gets PAGE 49 assigned to something that is at the heart of the "Spirit of Alaska" that makes the news every year.
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This sign greets folks coming to the headquarters and museum.
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I cropped this "close-up" from the larger photo above.  Here you can read the basic information about the trail.
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Some tourists get the "dog sled" experience without the cold and snowy weather.
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Those water bowls at the side of the "trail" mark the spot where the ride stops to load and unload guests.
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This sign tells the tale of what comes next.
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After flying over 3,000 miles and much of that following rivers and the Alaska Highway, this tranquil moment on the ground puts some of that vast landscape from Alberta and the Yukon in perspective.  It is a quiet location like this one with the sound of the running water that soothes the soul.
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This view looking upstream gives it away.  Wendell is standing on the bridge over the river to take these photos.
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Here are Wendell's friends who took him to this scenic river north of Wasilla.
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