Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 3.

July 20, 2007:  The afternoon saw the Mississippi River passage just south of Keokuk, Iowa at 2:11 PM Eastern Time.  I thought I would continue to use EASTERN time here since the files from Wendell's digital camera are stamped with that time.  That is lock and dam number 19 just north of the bridge that is US route 136.  The view is looking toward the northeast.  The headwinds have let up as the GPS ground speed is now at 152 MPH.
100_0739.JPG (422649 bytes)

Here is the map showing the fly-by of Keokuk, Iowa.  You can see this is the place where the Des Moines River joins with the Mississippi River as the boundaries between Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.
AK_Keokuk.gif (48714 bytes)

That's Des Moines, Iowa down below at 3:05 PM EDT.  A couple of reflections off the side window are visible in this photo looking north.  The GPS is reporting an altitude of around 6,500 feet MSL.  The ground speed now is about 151 MPH.
100_0740.JPG (530206 bytes)

This photo taken just one minute later shows the downtown Des Moines area and a better view of the bridges across the Des Moines River.
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The view here shows the Mitchell Municipal Airport at Mitchell, South Dakota looking west while entering a left-downwind pattern for runway 12.  The time stamp on this photo is 4:50 PM EDT.
100_0742.JPG (289792 bytes)

The map view shows the end of the GPS ground track for DAY 1 in BLUE.  The RED track begins here for DAY 2.
AK_MitchSD.gif (33920 bytes)

It is the end of a day of flying with plenty of sunlight remaining.  Terry poses by the airplane that is ready for towing to an overnight tie-down location.   The bags are out of the airplane for the ride to a local motel.  This picture was taken at 5:10 PM EDT / 4:10 PM Central Time.  The flight path today covered 1,021 miles based on the GPS ground track around the weather back in Tennessee.  The actual distance from the starting point at Wendell's home field is approximately 924 miles.

Here is the photo of Wendell holding yellow wheel chocks and taken by Terry at Mitchell, SD.  I wonder if these "Wright Brothers" are related to the more famous Wright Brothers?
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