Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 48.

July 26, 2007:  Day 7 - The flight back to Anchorage from a salmon fishing trip at Kenai, Alaska.  This is the view out the right side of the airplane as they are passing EAST of Elmendorf AFB.  That is Alaska highway 1, the Glenn Highway heading off to the northeast from the valley just ahead of the wing strut.
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As they fly westward to get in the downwind approach, this lake is north of the air base and it is very busy with float planes.  A short runway is also here for land planes.  Take notice of how the float planes outnumber the wheeled airplanes.
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Here is the Google Earth view of the return to Elmendorf AFB after the fishing trip to Kenai, Alaska.  The float plane base is visible in this photo just north of the air force base.  The curved white line is the GPS ground track showing the approach and arrival to teh field and where they parked at the hangar on the field.   That time stamp at the top of the photo is the beginning of the GPS ground track in Eastern Time (7:32 PM Alaska time).  The got back to the field around 8:25 PM.
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Don't let the amount of daylight in this photo fool you, it is just after 9 PM when they get back to Ken's house.  Remember, this the land of the midnight sun - Alaska!  This is Ken's wife Kristine posing in front of their home.  The date stamp on the photo is for the next day since it was after 1 AM Eastern Time when this photo was taken.  The time zone setting for the camera internal clock and calendar is stll set to Eastern Time.
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Just so you know, they did not have to clean the Kenai Sockeye Salmon they caught, they just traded in the two fish you saw Wendell holding to the folks at the fish camp for these prepared filets.
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July 27, 2007 (Really!):  DAY 8 - This is a day that Wendell and Terry went their separate ways to visit friends in Alaska.   Wendell headed up to Palmer, AK.
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Wendell went riding with his friends from Palmer and shot these photos.
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They are on their way to the museum that is at one end of the famous Iditerod Trail and sled dog race.  It is located here in Wasilla, Alaska.
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