Wendell Folks Alaska Trip - Page 40.

July 24, 2007:  Day 5 continues with less than 20 miles to go to their destination.
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Here is a shot from Wendell's camera at about the same time.  It gives the "panoramic" view of the river north of Anchorage.
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As always, Terry pushed the zoom lens to capture the first look at the buildings in downtown Anchorage.
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Look how much the visibility is improving as they descend for the approach to Elmendorf AFB.
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The closer they get, the better it looks!
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At this point they are talking to Elmendorf Tower and getting ready to enter the pattern for landing.
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This may look like they are downwind for a landing, but look at the pair of jet fighters on the runway ready to take off.  Then look at the others waiting to line up on the runway after the others takeoff.
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